Website Design and Hosting Tool Reviews


You can waste hundreds of hours on website design if you're not experienced at it and still end up with a crumby looking website.  I've wasted a lot of time and money on website design tools that just weren't right for me. 


Whatever you do, don't use the free design tools available with your hosting package.  I've used these in the past, and their features are limited.  Plus, they are the Internet equivalent of being in jail, because if you want to move your site to another host, you're basically stuck.  Imagine if you'd built a huge website and your hosting company went bankrupt.  That would be your Internet business gone, and believe me, it has happened.


If you're just starting out on the Internet, the most important thing is to get your site up and running, as soon as possible.  The website design software products reviewed below, can both help you build a professional looking website quickly and easily.  Check out the reviews to discover which one is best for you.


  • Site Build It
    Site Built It may be right for you, if you want to start an online business or take your existing business online. Site Build It is more than a website design tool - it's a complete Internet business building package. Read this review to discover the pros and cons of site build it.

  • XSitePro Review
    XSitePro may be right for you if you just want some software which will enable you to create a website quickly and easily. This review will give you the pros and cons of XSitePro, to enable you to decide whether it's right for you.

  • Website Hosting Reviews
    Unless you've chosen SBI and got website hosting included in your package, you will need a website hosting account. This is the place where you'll park your website on the Internet. It's important to choose a reliable hosting service, so check out the reviews below to help you choose.







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